A collection of finished paintings and studies.

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Code Blue       $375
Code Blue $375

9" x 12" Emergency workers treat an injured construction worker, New York City. During this pandemic there are so many who have done so much for the rest of us.

Choo Choo       $425
Choo Choo $425

10" x 16"

Vallarta Texting            $850
Vallarta Texting $850

16" x 20" A few years ago I spoke on one of the Disney cruise lines and we stopped in Puerto Vallarta for the day. While wandering around on a very hot day I took shots of the city including this one.

Mantenimiento          $325
Mantenimiento $325

9" x 12" From a picture I took at Santa Clara Beach in Panama years ago.

Rainy season Approach.   $625
Rainy season Approach. $625

16" x 20" A ship approaches the center wall at Miraflores Locks during a heavy rain storm in Panama. I was painting on site and was getting ready to leave when I took the shot.

Line's too Long!   $870
Line's too Long! $870

16" x 20" Corner of 6th Avenue and 57th St., New York City. I was attracted to the scene by the light in the center of the frame.

Castaway Storm  $300
Castaway Storm $300

8" x 10" One of the Disney cruise ships at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. I'd painted it a few years ago (on site), came back to it a few months ago and swapped out the sky for a stormy afternoon thunderstorm.

Night transit Miraflores.  $925
Night transit Miraflores. $925

12" x 24". I painted on site that afternoon and was leaving. As I was crossing the gates to leave I stopped to take the shot, very quickly....

Pescamos Mañana.     $450
Pescamos Mañana. $450

8" x 10" Off Santa Clara Beach. I exaggerated the waves and swells to add more drama.

LimpiaBota.     $675
LimpiaBota. $675

12" x 16" Central Avenue in downtown Panama City. An exercise and painting a large crowd.

Maracas Palms    $520
Maracas Palms $520

9" x 12" A beach on the island of Trinidad. My mother was born here.

Still Life study  $200
Still Life study $200

I painted this little study during a demonstration painting I did online for the Sonoma community Art Center. The exercise was in painting the dark sides of all the shapes then the light sides. The stronger your light, dark pattern the more interesting the painting is.

Green ChooChoo   $625
Green ChooChoo $625

10" x 20" Actually called the Mayflower and built in 1948. It's been restored and now belongs to British Railway.

Dusk at Cocoli.    $550
Dusk at Cocoli. $550

11" x 14". Study for a larger painting of a post pandemic ship at the Cocoli Locks, the Panama Canal

Tres Caballeros     $300
Tres Caballeros $300

8" x 10"

Trucks passing in the dust   $650
Trucks passing in the dust $650

12" x 24" A study for the Panama Canal Expansion.

Loteria         $325
Loteria $325

8" x 16" Panama City on Central Ave.

Pasadena City Hall  $425
Pasadena City Hall $425

9" x 12"

Kunas at Rest    $250
Kunas at Rest $250

9" x 12" A small study. Oils on plywood.

Miraflores Locks descent.    $625
Miraflores Locks descent. $625

16” x 20” I took this shot from the center of the locks after painting on site.

Paletero     $425
Paletero $425

9" x 12" downtown Panama City. I took this shot on a very hot day during dry season.

What are you looking at?   $550
What are you looking at? $550

16” x 20” From a shot I took in near Santa Clara beach in Panama.

Shanghai street sweeper.   $425
Shanghai street sweeper. $425

9" X 12" For three years I painted scenes of the construction of Shanghai Disneyland. During one of my trips I took this shot of a street sweeper. The streets are spotless.

Kuna Snack         $825
Kuna Snack $825

16" x 20" I took this shot by the old Balboa Post Office.

A la Central    $ 550
A la Central $ 550

11" x 14" Panama City Panama just off Central Avenue.

Mercado de Estrella       $400
Mercado de Estrella $400

9" x 12" Fillmore, California. I started this painting on site and finished it in my studio.

Nubble lighthouse. $550
Nubble lighthouse. $550

11" x 14" Cape Neddick Maine SOLD

Taxi MD            $525
Taxi MD $525

11" x 14"

Pipa?               $525
Pipa? $525

12" x 12" I took the shot on Central Avenue in Panama City Panama

Canal Tug      $150
Canal Tug $150

9" x 12" A smal study

Late night Cut.   $625
Late night Cut. $625

12" x 16" A night in the Casco Viejo (old city) in Panama City. I’ve always loved trying to paint people in ordinary situations.

Where's that truck  $325
Where's that truck $325

9" x 12" Down by Wall Street in NYC. Workers waiting for a cement truck. This city always seems to be under construction. I’m always attracted to scenes like this, the variety of textures and glimpses of other worlds.

Lineman          $275
Lineman $275

8" x 10" A line man for the Panama Canal.

La Despedida.    $825
La Despedida. $825

16” x 20” Study of Kuna women.

The Look.  $625
The Look. $625

12” x 16” Another study of Kuna women. Its hard to match how vibrant the colors are.

Portrait study          $300
Portrait study $300

9" x 12" A little study from a portrait painting class. I was really happy with her expression.